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4 Fun Ideas To Celebrate Your Child’s Lost Tooth

FOR A CHILD, LOSING TEETH can be scary… OR, it can be exciting. It can also be a perfect opportunity to teach your child the importance of dental health! Whether you like to celebrate a lost tooth in a big or small way, here are some ideas to make it a special milestone.

#1 Craft A Cute Momento

Take a photo of your child’s gap-toothed grin! Make a fun decoration out of it by putting the photo in a tooth-shaped frame. OR, you could print your child’s photo in the middle of white paper. Have your child decorate around their photo with their favorite craft supplies.

#2 Celebrate With A Special Day

Have your child pick a place he wants to go; an amusement park, a favorite restaurant, or maybe a playground. Or you could stay in and make memories at home with your child by baking your own dessert. Make tooth-shaped cookies or cupcakes and make a party out of it!

#3 Look Forward To New Teeth Coming In

Remind your child that the old teeth fall out in order to make room for adult teeth coming in. Those new teeth will be with them for their whole life, so it’s extra important to take really good care of them. As you help your child brush his teeth each night, watch for the new tooth to emerge, and show him how to take care of it!

#4 Create Excitement About The Tooth Fairy

Some parents amp up the tooth fairy excitement by writing notes from the tooth fairy and leaving coins or other treats in exchange for lost teeth. If you’re feeling creative, here are some more adorable ideas. What kind of tooth-fairy traditions do YOU have? We’d love to hear about it!

Some Kids Will Try Anything To Lose A Tooth!

Set A Pattern Of Great Dental Health For Your Child

Teach your child to be conscious of, and grateful for, his or her teeth. When you set a pattern of preventive care at a young age, you can ensure that your child will have healthy teeth for life, which also supports full body health as we grow older. Let us know if you ever have questions about your child’s dental health. We love hearing from you!

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Top image by Flickr user Brian Timmermeister used under Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 4.0 license. Image cropped and modified from original.


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