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Which Sports Teams Do YOU Cheer For? Here Are OURS!

IN THE WILD WORLD OF SPORTS there are many types of “fans”. There are fanatics who don’t hesitate painting their bodies with team colors and braving all outdoor temperatures! On the other hand there are casual fans who catch a handful of games each year but don’t take any of it too seriously. But most of us have a team or two that we cheer for regardless! Which teams do you or your family cheer for?
Here are a few teams from our team members at the Fort Campbell Boulevard location!

  • What team(s) do you cheer for?

To Start The Conversation, Here Are Our Answers!

Dr. Kennedy:

Tennessee Vols, Memphis Grizzlies


Oklahoma Sooners, and Aaron Rodgers (I guess that counts)


Oakland Raiders


Carolina Panthers


Tennessee Vols!


“I just cheer for who my husband cheers for.”


A team not worthy of being named.


(who is obviously confused, but claims sanity by stating “I’m from OHIO.”) The OSU Buckeyes, New York Yankees, Cincinnati Reds, Miami Heat (huh?), Denver Broncos (she may not know they are in Colorado), Cincinnati Bengals, Kentucky Wildcats basketball


“I don’t really watch sports.”

We will gather some answers from our Rudolphtown office in the future and post them here. Make sure to check back with us!

We want to hear YOUR answers! If you believe you’re the biggest fanatic, tell us why.

Write your responses in the comments below or on our Facebook page!


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